My name is Heather and I’m a graduate student and instructor in the department of English at Lehigh University. I teach first-year composition and tutor students in our writing center. I’ve been on this path for a while and I’m currently reading for my PhD comprehensive exams next spring. You can find my blog and bits over at Tumblr, my comments about current events on Twitter, my occasional pictures and memes at Instagram, and, if you must, you can follow my rare posts on TikTok, but why?

At some point I realized that the WordPress block editor actually made it impossible for me to post here anymore. I just hate it. It’s clunky and unintuitive and I’m forced to unlearn so many things in order to make it work. I’m not really complaining, but explaining why this is so. I’ll be putting all my old posts to “Private” for now, until I decide to how to archive them in the future.

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