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Think of it as concentrated family trauma…

I think part of that ire comes from jealousy, thinking that only children have some sort of gilded life, with doting parents and space to thrive. Yeah, no.

Although, I believe that only children are much more comfortable with their own company, which can mean they’re less likely to continue with toxic relationships out of fear of being alone. Granted, those are just my takes on being an only child, but I’ve more than once been told “well, that makes sense” in regards to my particular behavior or attitude.

Are Only Children Worse Off Than Kids With Siblings? – The Atlantic

Let me explain this slowly…

“News Corp’s new five-year deal with OpenAI is reportedly valued at as much as $250 million in cash and OpenAI credits.”

News Corp partnering with OpenAI is a no-brainer if you have an ideological desire to be the hegemonic political philosophy threading through the most easily accessible and digestible content. OpenAI is the high-processed food of information and only those without the means to pay for or time to look for better options (which is increasingly more and more of us) will be able to access nuanced and researched discourse.

The “fatal error” is News Corp forgetting that it makes it largest profits as the Adversary.

Publishers Striking AI Deals Are Making a Fatal Error

The photos. The deleted photos. The long-time-ago deleted photos. Those photos?

So, Engadget, did you ask where those old photos are stored that they were able to reappear? What does delete mean now?

Is technology “journalism” just SEO for Silicon Valley?

Honestly, I need to post about something else!

iOS 17.5.1 fixes reappearing photo bug

Would they have asked Tom Cruise for permission?

This is the problem. When a group of people, confident that smart = right, decide they want something and can’t have it, they do it anyway because smart = right. This consistent peril of technology is the Ian Malcom Law – too busy seeing if you could, that you didn’t think if you should.

Again, outside of the tech mind virus, who wants AI in everything?

Scarlett Johansson wants answers about ChatGPT voice that sounds like ‘Her’ : NPR

We’ve always studied Oceania

It’s important that it doesn’t matter why this surveillance was initiated. Anything truly nefarious to warrant this action would have been the main focus of the article (I see you Penn State and Michigan and, fuck, there’s a lot of you…). Okay, my point is that this erases teacher authority in the classroom. It removes the air of discussion (free market of ideas corporately controlled, I guess) and disincentives innovation and exploration. Academia is already performative, but at least we can see the audience.

Also, don’t think for a moment that any University Corp. won’t use the recordings to offer a remote class and not pay faculty salary. They will (they have)—gotta find that clip from Ivory Tower about one class taught by a “rock star” professor and taken by millions. Haha everybody starve!

Letter says UNC Chapel Hill secretly records professors

The following is a short post about AI

Who wants this? With the consolidation of media companies over the last three decades perhaps there’s no distance between journalism and tech any more. Companies that produce software that people have to be sold that they want are intertwined with the media companies that will hype up the usefulness and turn a novelty into a necessity.

I assure you a good copy editor could write this summary (and fast, too) but news outlets have pretty much abandoned good editing of most of their content because 1) it will be replaced immediately, and 2) they don’t want the labor costs. If only someone figured out how news media could monetize without being beholden to social media or browser-breaking ads.

Newspaper conglomerate Gannett is adding AI-generated summaries to the top of its articles