The non-human animal..

Just finished watching Jordan Peele’s brilliant Nope. I don’t do reviews much. I’m no good at them. But I will say that it wasn’t until I looked through my notes for a quote for this post that I realized how this is a movie about animals. That should have been obvious, but the nonobvious is how we think we must descend to them. Ah. I have some thoughts.

One thing is for sure, I will never not look suspiciously at a cloud.

Screenshot from Nope

The future is urban, apparently

One of my areas of interest is how science fiction movies do exposition. So I took a screenshot from Elysium just to save, though I’m only watching this for fun (it’s not on my exam list). I’ve seen it before.

I’m sure this isn’t new to anyone who hasn’t been paying attnetion, but so many dystopian visions of the future are just slight exaggerations of contemporary fear mongering about city livin’.


The real trouble is rural, since I just heard a loud boom coming from the “new” neighbors. They like to make noise. Lots of ratatatatat or bang bang bang.