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2023.08.07 – media_log

  • I guess government agents find it too hard to tell which border they’re patrolling and which brown people they’re killing. Land back. Native Americans Caught in Border Strife on Their Own Land.
  • “So we asked some of the best and brightest people who think about cities — economists…” Wait…what? The future of cities, according to the experts is interesting, if not predictable in its summations. People who have money will always want lawns until we stop valuing lawns. Also, a cashier should be able to live in the city in which he works. The Economic Innovation Group quoted in the article is led by the Napster guy, so, that’s there.
  • The Criterion Channel’s latest email said that Anatomy of a Murder is showing this month and I realized I’d never seen it. I also saw the title card and thought, “Those are some Saul Bass credits, I betcha.” So I went to check and found this page on Art of the Title dedicated to all the Bass credits. Jackpot, baby!
Who would you rather have in charge of publishing?
  • Simon and Schuster to be sold I’m not sure what’s more annoying: another publishing merger or the fact that they didn’t expand the KKR acronym at all. (It’s just some dudes’ names.)
  • Hao Qun: “The act of writing — of making sense of one’s experiences — is so bound up in the language a person speaks, along with all the little intricacies and inexplicable imagery within it.” This profile of Hao Qun and other writers working in the heavily censored Chinese literary world is informative and moving. The Art of Telling Forbidden Stories in China Yang Ying: “Literature is our last refuge.”
Did a boss write this study?