General nonsense #1

Who am I kidding? It’s certainly not the first. In an effort to not take space in social media where so many people are sharing important information, I decided to put my weirdness here in a series of asides for now (probably forever). I don’t want to seem tone deaf in a sea of voicesContinue reading “General nonsense #1”

Taking Notes #1

I am working on my history paper and I’m looking at the teaching of the Irish language in Ireland in the mid to late 1800s. There is a document that is making the case to teach children Irish as a pathway to teaching them English. One of the arguments these men are making is theContinue reading “Taking Notes #1”


Consistency being the hallmark of all popular content creators, I have posted another post. It’s mostly nonsense, but boy did it cheer me up! PLUS ULTRA!