Tom Nook is not a crook. He’s an entrepreneur.

I was thinking about the regret I felt after buying Animal Crossing and not enjoying it. Perhaps because I never played any of the previous console versions of the game, only the mobile version, I had a misunderstanding of what I was getting into. What I found, what I got into was a whole lot … Continue reading Tom Nook is not a crook. He’s an entrepreneur.

Keep your Woodstock. Warning: contains Zizek. I would like to offer this screenshot as a visual representation of how GenX was raised in the most disillusioned cultural environment, while continually doused with the marketing of Baby-Boomer nostalgia. (That nostalgia leaned markedly white and middle class.) My argument is GenX was disallowed its own cultural validation while standing … Continue reading Keep your Woodstock.

Algorithms are not editors

A friend shared this Huff Post article about a photographer using Disney princesses to highlight some of humanity's ills. What the article fails to do is think about the automatic "related story" link that comes after:   Disney Princesses: the epitome of femininity and so easily molded into anything. Purchase yours today!